Current Faculty Members:

Name Designation Area of Interest
Dr. Husain Parvez Associate Professor Reconfigurable computing, Exploration of FPGA architectures and CAD tools
Dr. Muhammad Mazhar Iqbal Assistant Professor Reconfigurable computing, FPGA-based System Design


Current Students:

Thesis Topic/Area 
Fasahat Hussain
Optimizing FPGA architectures using NPN logic equivalancy
Yumna Shehazad
HW architectures for efficient processing of deep learning algorithms. 


Past Students who completed their thesis:

SNo Name Degree Current status Thesis Title
1 Muhammad Mazhar Iqbal PhD Assistant Professor at PAF-KIET Automatic generation of shared hardware design for Multiple application circuits
2. Ali Asghar MS PhD student at University of Twente Diffusion based placement algorithm for reducing high interconnect demand in congested regions of FPGAs
3 Ali Umair MS Design Engineer at Intel Mexico/USA Implementation of Galois Counter Mode Encryption and Authentication for 100 Gbps High speed Ethernet on FPGA
4 Maarij Rahim MS Design Engineer at Sahil Semi High throughput, fully parallel, pipelined implementation of LDPC Decoder
5 Ameen Qureshi MS Lecturer at IQRA University Regular ASIF: A design space exploration between FPGA and ASIF
6 Baqar Raza MS Independent motivational trainer Exploring alternate Trade-offs of Placement quality versus Runtime in Simulated Annealing algorithms
7. Faisal Riaz MS Lecturer at Government university Hardware and Software Simulation of Proposed Novel Time Multiplexed FPGA architecture
8. Muhammad Zahid  MS Lecturer at University of Haripur Graph based FPGA Routing Resource Reduction

Last Updated on  25th July, 2020